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2023 VT Ski Resorts Map Print – First Print Run, Discount Edition

This map print shows all of Vermont’s ski resorts including the 25 public ski areas and 3 private ski areas. Maps are limited and no more of the 2023 maps will be printed. Product is unframed. The fall discount maps are all trimmed by hand on the cutting mat.

Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $32.99.

Availability: In stock

Most of these maps measure just over 20.5″ x 27.5″. The discounted maps are all being trimmed down on the cutting mat from their original size. The borders on your map may be smaller or larger than the images shown on this page.

The prints are all unframed and the remaining maps will likely NOT be great for framing. The borders are very thin and you can expect Jay Peak’s tram to be cutoff among other things if you try to frame the discount version. If you would like to frame your map, please email to see if any of the proofs are still available which might have thicker borders. There is still one of those left as of 4-22-24.

Only 100 maps were originally created + several reprints that were done for quality reasons. Collectors can see final totals on the “additional information” tab. These were printed using a high quality paper that has a satin luster finish (this is in between matte and glossy).

These maps show all of Vermont’s ski areas. You can read more about the details, and see a larger version of the original artwork on this page. A few small details have been changed in order to turn that version into the wall art that you see here. This includes adding the border and scaling down the text.

USA shipping only. No returns, sorry. Read more about our policies here. No more of these maps will be created.


Approx. 20.5" X 27.5"

Paper Medium

275 gsm, 11 mil

Handling Recommendations

Use cotton gloves when handling. Avoid storing or displaying in direct sunlight.

Print Run Totals

120 regular prints + 9 proofs. The final total of 120 includes 20 reprints. No more will be printed.

2023 VT Ski Resorts Map Print – First Print Run, Discount Edition

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