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Privacy – What type of information do we collect?

Browsing Info – This information may include browser type, IP address, which pages on our website you have visited.

How is this information used? Information is used for communications and marketing purposes.

Personal Information – Users may enter their email address to subscribe to our newsletter. This serves as consent for vermontlifttickets.com to email you with communications. Subscribers may opt out of communications at any time.

Store order information – Including contact and order information. Payment information is not stored directly on our servers.

How is this collected? Using software such as Google Analytics for analyzing web traffic. Personal information may be added by completing a web form or on our website, including popup form or store order.

Affiliate & Advertising Disclosure

This website contains affiliate links and advertising. Vermontlifttickets.com and its owners may receive a commission from sales placed on 3rd party websites or from their advertising presence on vermontilfttickets.com.

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This website uses browser cookies to collect data about your website experience. This may include third party cookies from our partners, affiliates, and software providers such as Google.

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Please see image use and permissions.

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