Bromley Mountain Resort Lift Tickets | Discount Bromley VT Ski Passes and Deals
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Bromley Mountain Resort


Bromley’s lift ticket prices have not yet been updated for the 2019-2020 ski season. The prices below show the price that you will pay if you buy your tickets at the base area ticket window. Skiers and riders can save money by purchasing through our partners or by using the Sun Mountain Card.

Bromley Lift Ticket Prices

  • Mountan
  • 1 Day Non-Holiday
  • 1/2 Day Non-Holiday
  • 1 Day Holiday
  • 1/2 Day Holiday
  • Adult
  • $80
  • $65
  • $84
  • $69
  • Teen/Senior
  • $70
  • $57
  • $74
  • $61
  • Junior
  • $53
  • $46
  • $61
  • $51

*Afternoon only tickets can only be purchased when there is no night skiing

Bromley Mountain Resort Lift Ticket FAQ

When are Bromley's holiday dates?

These have not yet been announced for the upcoming season

How many hours can I ski with a 1/2 day lift ticket?

Half-day lift tickets are available starting at 12:30 pm here. There are also options during the non-holiday seasons for a “Sunday Morning Getaway” lift ticket that is good for 8:30am to 1pm.